Origin of the name

Phylax – an element of protective armament in ancient Rome, in the form of a metal plate hung on the chest on leather straps, made of bronze or lead. Phylax was used from the time of Romulus until the late Republic. Shortly after its introduction, it was considered one of the best ways of protection, but during the Republic it was replaced by the Celts’ invention – chain mail.

Second meaning. The origins of the German Shepherd Dog (another name, Alsatian Shepherd Dog) date back to the end of the 19th century – the „Phylax” association was established in Germany, which dealt with breeding dogs for military purposes. The aim of the association was to work on combining a shepherd dog with a service dog, which would be a great support for the police.

Because I was involved in security, self-defense training, public security, but also cybersecurity, and additionally – I love German Shepherds – the name seemed perfect to me.

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